Newsletter 27 Jan 2022

On the Blog

If you missed any of our recent blog articles here’s the links:

• Jon talks accessories – we love them, but you don’t need them.
• Jacob gives Ham Anfeald and The Wolf Child the spotlight in Character Queue
• We took a look at Hadrian of Canterbury in celebration of MLK Day
Handimonster Themes – Jacob takes a look at how we theme our 5e monsters.

BEOWULF Digital Pack Eight Out Now

BEOWULF Digital Packs bring you fresh material monthly for your BEOWULF Age of Heroes games. In this eighth Digital Pack of bonus content for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, we bring you:

  • A deck of 44 print and play Story Cards to inspire your adventures and NPCs, complete with instructions
  • 2 battle maps
  • A set of VTT tokens
  • A PDF about Boundary Ghosts
  • A PDF adventure “Fragment” featuring a Boundary Ghost
  • 2 new music tracks 

Grab it now!

Handimonsters Annual Arrives

The first Handimonsters Annuals arrived, and preorders went out – individually to the UK, and en masse to the US. They should arrive in the US next week, and be sent on to you. We’d originally planned to also print in the US, but (slightly bizarre?) changes to pricing on that specific size of book with our US printer meant a change of plan. Still, it’s barely a couple of days difference, so all good!

The Annual gathers together a year’s worth of Handimonsters into a lovely softcover book. You can also grab it in PDF too!

You can order your copy now.

Newsletter exclusive: BEOWULF Art Book

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Releasing in the near future we have The Triple Serpent for BEOWULF Age of Heroes, and the BEOWULF Annual! We’ll have more news on those soon.

This Monday’s Handimonster is Barrow Moss, the first of our Scenery Monsters that bring a new twist to background monsters that don’t quite need their own stat block, but still make adventures more fun to run and challenging to play!

And lastly and perhaps most excitingly, we’ll have Hellenistika news too! We have a whole chapter on hand!