a|state Accessories

At Handiwork Games we love an accessory. As with all our games, there’s nothing here that you need to buy in order to play the game. But they will make your experience that much more fancy, and they’re lovely to own.

The a|state Table Tower

The a|state Table Tower is your new favourite accessory! A sturdy four-panel portrait format screen, printed on hefty 2mm board, that you fold into a three or four-sided tower, it sticks up above your cluttered table so essential info is just a glance away for everyone.

Two panels show handy references for players along with beautiful a|state artwork by Paul Bourne.

Cover the artwork with sticky notes when you need to remember important stuff!

The rest is packed with GM reference. There’s a mission panel for the mission phase, and a downtime panel for the downtime phase.

Fold the tower so the one you need is showing, and the other one stays hidden until you need it.

But that’s not all! When the need hits, unfold the tower to access stacks more detailed references. You’ll be ready for every unexpected twist in the game!   The Table Tower does all this and makes your game look epic, and it all fits in a space about the size of a single piece of paper!

The a|state Table Tower is supplied shrink-wrapped for freshness.

a|state Play Mat

The a|state play mat makes every dramatic action in your game a vivid, hands-on experience.

The playmat features a risk/reward chart sized to the a|state compass rose. Put the compass (or other marker) in the starting position, and slide it from square to square as you work out the exact balance of risk and reward for your roll. It’s fast and easy with no room for confusion.  Dice results are given so you know what’s at stake before you roll.

Printed on flexible neoprene like a card game play mat or mouse mat, with attractive and durable stitched edging, the play mat is 20.5cm (8 inches) by 28cm (11 inches), to fit nicely within the footprint of the a|state rulebook, and features art and design by a|state co-creator Paul Bourne.

a|state compass

Direct from the pocket of a City-dweller – this heavy-weight metal compass rose features the compass directions of The City.

Made with our friends at Campaign Coins this is both a precious souvenir of The City and this campaign but crucially can also be used with the a|state play mat during games to track your decisions and rolls.

Made from weight zinc alloy, the a|state compass is 50mm (2 inches) across, 4mm (0.15748 inches) deep, and feeling heavy in the hand, weighing 45 grams (1.58733 ounces).

The Three Coins

A game inside a game: THE THREE COINS is an in-world document exploring a story-telling game played in the back streets and alleys of a|state’s The City.

A 32 page, full-colour softcover, this book is a facsimile of a real book from The City.

Penned by an unknown author, “The Three Coins: Anthropology, psychology ludology” was seized on publication by the Bureau for Standards. The text shows the hand of the censor, and the margins are full of their commentary upon the scholarly material within.

Somehow, one copy escaped the Archive of Publications Unfit for Public Consumption, and was subsequently annotated by an unknown player of the game THE THREE COINS.

THE THREE COINS is both a playable storygame which uses three coins to determine the outcomes of story events, and an artefact of The City.

Written by Morgan Davie and illustrated by Paul Bourne.

a|state Coins

The perfect companion for The Three Coins RPG – four intricate coins from The City, made in partnership with our friends at Campaign Coins.

These coins are 30mm across (1.1811 inches), and approximately 3mm deep, which is a good chunky size for playing The Three Coins. They are made from zinc alloy and weigh 15 grams (0.17637 ounces) each

The set of 4 comes in an antiqued bronze finish, and are presented in a baggie with backing card.