a|state play mat


Track the risks and rewards for your a|state rolls in style!

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The a|state play mat makes every dramatic action in your game a vivid, hands-on experience.

The playmat features a risk/reward chart sized to the a|state compass rose. Put the compass (or other marker) in the starting position, and slide it from square to square as you work out the exact balance of risk and reward for your roll. It’s fast and easy with no room for confusion.  Dice results are given so you know what’s at stake before you roll.

Printed on flexible neoprene like a card game play mat or mouse mat, with attractive and durable stitched edging, the play mat is 20.5cm (8 inches) by 28cm (11 inches), to fit nicely within the footprint of the a|state rulebook, and features art and design by a|state co-creator Paul Bourne.

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