Crowdfunding-specific studio services

At Handiwork Studio, we offer a range of crowdfunding-specific services. We’re always happy to discuss your project, or quote on some work. We can provide any or all of the services detailed here. No job is too big or too small!


It’s a well known fact that crowdfunding campaigns simply do better with a video. We offer a range of helpful video services.

We’re happy to provide all of these services, or individual parts as required and as your budget allows. 

As creators and crowdfunders ourselves we understand the balancing act of keeping within a reasonable budget versus showing off your work in the best possible light, and will work hard to maximise your budget. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get an effective video that will connect with backers and, since most backers won’t watch more than 2 minutes, your new Kickstarter campaign video need not be super expensive.


  • We can consult on what works, how to get good footage and sound recording for your video using tools you probably already own. 
  • We can animate your artwork, offering varying levels of complexity to suit your budget, from simple pans across a montage to full parallaxed, animated scenes with special effects. 
  • We have access to a massive library of atmospheric effects footage to bring your imagery to life. 
  • We can edit your footage together with animated artwork to produce an engaging and interesting presentation. 
  • We can create unique music, and have access to numerous resources for royalty free pre-made music. 
  • We can source brilliant voice over artists, and liaise with them to get the best performance of your script. 

Samples of our video work, in a range of styles:

For your campaign page 

• Graphics

We can create a suite of graphic headings, titles and iconography for your project based on pre-existing themes in your own graphics, or we can create them from scratch. 

Having professionally made graphics brings quality and the promise of future quality to your campaign, and allows your ideas to really shine.

Graphics like these help potential backers navigate your campaign page effectively, and makes your information easier to absorb and understand.

• Digital mockups

We can provide vitally important 3D mock-ups of your book, with high end software which provides true 3D visualisations, easily providing a range of angles to really show it off.

We see many inferior and unconvincing attempts to do this, which can be highly counter-productive. We have the right tools to do the job properly.

You don’t need to invest in software you’ll use once twice a year: we have it ready to go, and we know how to use it.

Digital mockups help cement the idea of your project as a real book in the minds of potential backers, and are one of the best ways to quickly show off the publication you’re hoping to create. 

• Editing 

We can provide feedback on your text from an extremely experienced crowdfunding team. We can help polish it up with a copy edit, or help you with a highly targeted structural edit. Providing information in the right order and with the right tone is vital to crowdfunding success, and we’re here to help.

An extra pair of eyes can be invaluable, especially those from outside of your own team. We have a lot of editing experience, alongside years of crowdfunding know-how.

• Art books

We have a great track record helping our artist friends bring their art books to crowdfunding platforms and helping them ensure their success. 

We’ve created an incredibly intricate monograph for Ralph Horsley, which reflected the density and visual fidelity of his work. 

We also provided video and graphics, and ran the kickstarter campaign with Ralph.

We’re currently engaged in creating a sensitive and imaginative treatment for Wayne Reynolds’ RPG Saints project

Our team

Our team have decades of experience in art, art direction, graphic design, animation, copywriting, copy editing, and successful crowdfunding.  We’re all dedicated and professionals who have worked successfully in the industry for decades. We’d be delighted to help you with your project.

Get in touch

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