The BEOWULF Annual 2022 collects the written material from the first 8 BEOWULF Digital Packs into a print book (and an accompanying PDF). That means all the written articles, monsters, adventure ideas, examples, Followers, Magical treasures and the like from Digital Packs 1 to 8 are there.

The Digital Packs also contain loads of battle maps, VTT tokens, music and videos which of course we couldn’t include in the print book. So at $2.99 each they’re still very much worth your time!

The BEOWULF Annual 2023 is 64 pages long, softcover in full colour. It’s available on our web store right now.

The BEOWULF Annual 2023

The BEOWULF Annual 2023 collects all the beautifully illustrated, written material from BEOWULF Digital Packs Nine to Thirteen into one mighty hoard of treasures!

Plus! Never before seen material to expand The Hermit’s Sanctuary adventure.

  • Arm Rings! 
  • Helmets!
  • The shield!
  • Woven edgings!
  • New rules for subterranean delving
  • Advice for combat encounters!
  • New followers and NPCs!
  • New Monsters: Trolls! The Holt Folc! The Old Dragon!
  • New location maps
  • And more!