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BEOWULF Digital Pack 16 is out now!

BEOWULF Digital Pack 16 is out right now exclusively at DriveThruRPG.com!

In this Sixteenth Digital Pack of bonus content for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, we bring you a Followers special!:

• New Follower Gifts by Jacob Rodgers

• A guide to Followers with new adversary gifts and advice for GMs by Jon Hodgson

• 6 VTT tokens for your NPCs or Followers

• 3 Battle maps: two cliff locations and a cave leading off from the cliffs, in VTT, PDF poster and sliced up home print versions!

History in Games, Games in History 4: Personal History

They’re back! In this episode of History in Games, Games in History, actual Dr Malcolm Craig and absolutely-not-a-Dr, Jon Hodgson discuss personal history and memory. For about 5 minutes before heading into the weeds really hard as usual.

Both Malcolm and Jon with be at UK Games Expo this coming weekend! Swing by Hall One, Booth 1-122. Malcolm will be there on Saturday, Jon is there all three days.

New Backdrops Books Progress

Welcome to Friday! Progress is constantly happening as we close in on going to print with the next wave of Jon Hodgson Backdrop Books. In the latest monthly kickstarter update we shared a montage of the completed Fantasy Ruins and Tunnels book. Check it out, along with some sample shots with some of the new backdrops, and a cool Bad Squiddo Shieldmaiden figure.

There’s still time to place your pre-order for any of the new backdrop books here.

The Meatspoiler Arrives in Print

We were very pleased to recently take delivery of the new edition of The Meat Spoiler for Maskwitches. We’ll be holding these until we have the print run of the main Maskwitches corebook on hand, and we’re waiting on the kickstarter funds to print those. In the meantime you can secure a copy with a pre-order here.

UK Games Expo Special Edition 1: Maskwitches

To celebrate the release of Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland Redux Edition we will be bringing a very small number of special UK Games Expo Variant cover editions to… UK Games Expo at the end of the month.

As detailed on the campaign page (It’s right at the end if you missed it, but it is there!) we want to celebrate the new edition at the UK’s largest weekend gaming event with some advanced special copies. The “print run” (it’s a very small number to term “a run”!) arrived today and they look great.

Find us in Hall One at stand 1-122, with our friends at Nightfall Games and Hansor Publishing.

If you’re really hurting to get one of these advance copies, we will reserve some for folks who can’t get to UK Games Expo. Just drop us a line via email and we can sort out putting one by for you .

UK Games Expo

It’s UK Games Expo at the end of this month!

We’ll be in Hall One, at stand 1-122. Once again we’re delighted to be sharing space with our friends at Nightfall Games and Hansor Publishing. Check out where we are on the newly launched interactive map at the UKGE website

We’ll have a bunch of cool stuff at the show!

• We’ll be launching Maskwitches with an extremely limited edition, UKGE cover edition of the game (Seriously, we have very few of these!)

• We’ll have a lovely little print book of the Cold City/Hot War reports 1-6 (what’s that you say? Report 6 isn’t out yet? It will be tomorrow!)

• We’ll have copies of The Burn in print, the latest Silver Road setting.

And! You’ll be able to grab a mini JH backdrop for your miniatures photography!

Of course we’ll have all your favourite Handiwork titles too – a|state, BEOWULF, Silver Road and (almost) all their various accessories. See you there?

Print Books of The Burn arrive!

The print copies of The Burn are here! Pre-ordered copies are all packed up and ready to go. You can order your copy here on our website, or add one on during the final hour of the Maskwitches Redux kickstarter campaign – but you don’t have long to do that! Although backers get a free PDF Maskwitches adventure and a whole witch pouch of other goodies!

It’s a beautiful book.

Maskwitches Redux campaign launches May 7th!

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 7th, sees the launch of the campaign to raise funds to print the new edition of Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland!

You’ll be able to pledge for:

• The hardcover or softcover rulebook, expanded to 168 pages.

• The dramatic and atmospheric  Pine Pitch Black edition 

• The Making of Maskwitches behind the scenes book

• To the Ice Caves – the first Journey Book for Maskwitches

• The Meat Spoiler Redux edition

• The beautiful and useful Maskwitches Dice Tray by out friends at All Rolled Up

You’ll also be able to pledge for all the books in PDF too, with the physical books coming with free PDFs.

Most of the PDFs will be delivered as soon as the funds arrive with us as they are completed and ready to go!

Sign up at www.maskwitches.com