Gone to the Dogs – coming soon for a|state

Something untoward is occurring at Folly Hills Dog Track. Unfancied hounds are winning races…
Competitive dogs are going to the pot…
The turnstiles are no longer thick with punters…

What has cast a shadow over the once-thriving Track?

Explore the cutthroat world of the dog track, the home of avaricious betting syndicates, vicious organised crime groups, disgruntled dog owners, and many bemused punters.

This supplement for a|state presents the Folly Hills Dog Track, a location teeming with trouble and opportunity that can become part of your game in many different ways.

The most straightforward way to use the Track is as an interesting location in The City, sitting alongside those described in the a|state book. Like those locations it is a source of inspiration and ideas, a potential place for troublemakers to visit, and an additional glimpse of the rhythms of life in The City. As with all those locations you can use it as presented, or strip this whole resource for parts to make your own version of the Dog Track.

The Track is presented so you can weave it into your struggle. The large number of people who converge on the Track, and the number of different interests that collide here, provide many opportunities to link it to your troublemakers. In the text following you will find many specific suggestions for ways to tie the Folly Hills Dog Track to the characters and conflicts at the heart of your game.

It is also possible to use it as your corner. Gone to the Dogs presents everything you need to build an exciting game of a|state with the Folly Hills Dog Track as the focus. If you and your group like the idea of getting into a game fast without having to build your corner from scratch, this will give you everything you need.

However you use the Folly Hills Dog Track, you will find that it gives you a robust starting point. The people, schemes, events, and rumours detailed here can branch off in infinite ways, depending on the actions and reactions of the troublemakers.

Gone to the Dogs will be heading out to backers of a|state second edition early next week. It will shortly thereafter go on sale to everyone at DrivethruRPG.

Maskwitches, The Meat Spoiler and Amulet Deck out now in PDF!

It’s a triple release for Maskwitches today, as the game itself, the first scenario story PDF, and the Masks and Amulet Deck all come out in PDF at DrivethruRPG!

Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland is a standalone storytelling game powered by the minimalist Silver Road rules. It takes your stories to Forgotten Doggerland, where you’ll take on the role of the mysterious Maskwitches, protecting the community against arising spiritual threats!

The Meat Spoiler is the first ever scenario for Maskwitches, and presents a host of material for Mediating your first Maskwitches story. We can’t say too much about it without spoilers! But things go wrong, and the Maskwitches must put them right!

The Masks and Amulets Deck PDF presents a set of print-at-home cards to track which witches are holding which masks and amulets: in the game your character is defined by their masks and amulets, and their masks can be traded between characters. These homeprint cards are a helpful accessory to track your character and who has what masks at any given time.

The PDFs are also available for free with a pe-order of the Maskwitches soft or hardcovers or the card deck:

Maskwitches releases in PDF 24th October

Tuesday (that’s tomorrow at the time of posting!) sees the PDF release of Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland AND the first story scenario for Maskwitches – The Meatspoiler. They’ll both be available on DrivethruRPG tomorrow!

Powered by The Silver Road rules, Maskwitches of Doggerland is a psychedelic mesolithic storytelling game. Players taking the role of the Maskwitches in a desperate battle against evil spirits spawned by disharmony in their community. Meanwhile, the tide is rising and nothing can stop it…

Of course if you’d like the PDF of Maskwitches /free, you can pre-order Maskwitches in book form here:

Releasing tomorrow: The Serpent of Glinnredïn

Releasing tomorrow for BEOWULF Age of Heroes: The Serpent of Glinnredïn by Jacob Rodgers.

The kingdom of Rheged is plagued by a golden worm that is eating all the livestock. A Hero is needed to confront the serpent and slay it. But when they reach the Fells where the worm dwells, they will learn that the situation is more complex than it first seems and they might find themselves drawn into an older conflict.

This is a mini adventure for BEOWULF Age of Heroes 5e, by Jacob Rodgers, expanded from a participation game we ran on our Handiwork Games community Discord. It is suitable for Heroes of levels 1-2.

Find out more about BEOWULF Age of Heroes, duet play for 5e, here.

Trials of the Twin Seas for BEOWULF is out now in PDF!

The Trials of the Twin Seas, collecting all 6 adventures for BEOWULF Age of Heroes 5e is now available to everyone in PDF!

Featuring adventures by Gareth Hanrahan, Jon Hodgson, Elaine Lithgow, Marco Rafala, Jacob Rodgers and KC Shi.

The anthology includes extra material including expanded opening spreads with poems by Dave Oliver of Rattlebox Theatre, GM advice, pronunciation guides, location and NPC guides and more!

The Serpent of Glinnredïn

Coming soon for BEOWULF Age of Heroes – a new mini-adventure for Heroes of level 1 or 2 by Jacob Rodgers: The Serpent of Glinnredïn.

The kingdom of Rheged is plagued by a golden worm that is eating all the livestock. A Hero is needed to confront the serpent and slay it. But when they reach the Fells where the worm dwells, they will learn that the situation is more complex than it first seems and they might find themselves drawn into an older conflict. 

The Meat Spoiler

Not only is the PDF of Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland almost ready, (We’ll reserve a bit of time for some final proofing, and then backers and pre-orderers will of course get it first), but we’re also releasing a story scenario: The Meat Spoiler.

Backers and Pre-orderers will get it for free!

In The Meat Spoiler, the witches must counter the appearance of an incredibly dangerous spirit hellbent on destroying the community’s reserves of meat, needed to see them through the winter. This scenario makes an ideal introduction to the world and play of Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland!

Research Factoids about Forgotten Doggerland

Jon here, author of Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland.

Recently I read a fascinating thread on twitter about natural but incorrect assumptions about historical fact. I learned so much researching Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland, and I so I shared a thread of my own amazing facts I learned through researching Maskwitches. I’d said on twitter these were all new to me, which wasn’t entirely true – but the specific applications of these factoid was often new.

With the longer form format available to us here on the blog, let’s unpack these a bit more, and also report some of the ensuing discussion, which was excellent!

Continue reading “Research Factoids about Forgotten Doggerland”

a|state second edition spreads

a|state second edition is making its physical presence felt as copies make their way to backers, late pledgers, and pre-orderers around the world. (Our friends in the US will need to be the most patient, since your books need to complete their sea voyage).

Of course in the mean time the PDF is out, and looking great! All pre-orders come with a free copy of the PDF.

Check out these spreads:

You can grab your copy here:

A grab bag from Forgotten Doggerland

A grab bag of stuff From Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland today.

1: Spirits. Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland contains an extensive set of resources for naming spirits, the natural enemies of the Maskwitches. Using these resources I discovered this spirit is named The Creeper-Chewer. Be grateful that the dice did not roll up The Howling Penis Grinder, who is a much-feared spirit. You’re laughing now, but wait until you’re trying to light a fire at midnight in a freezing brackish fen while the Howling Penis Grinder promises, in a very loud voice, to kill you if you look at him out of the front of your eyes.

2: “a 10,000 year old spirit made of smoke and teeth and birch tar that wants to extinguish all human life by eating the souls of everyone you know. Because you made a peat bog angry.

3: A temporary camp of people. The ordinary people of The Land do not make many permanent dwellings, though some exist.

4: The people of Forgotten Doggerland have dark skin, dark hair and bright green eyes. In this respect, they are unlike anyone alive today. Pale skin will not arrive in Northern Europe for thousands of years. It will first arrive with the idea of farming. The people of Forgotten Doggerland, or as they call it “The Land” are fishers, hunters, and gatherers.

Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland is a psychedelic mesolithic setting for The Silver Road. You can pre-order it now: