A New Version of The Silver Road

We’ve just finished artwork creation for a new version of The Silver Road story game. As we announced last year, we’re moving away from the use of Midjourney in our projects – in short, we liked the beta version of Midjourney in early 2022, when it was a highly weird and experimental thing. It’s now something very different indeed, and we’d rather head in other directions.

So let’s take a look at that new direction!

The new edition of The Silver Road is full of images which share the dream-like quality of the original, but which are all made with a combination of original photos, sets, models, some digital painting and Photoshop know-how.

Scout tower used by kind permission of Fenris Games
Models used by kind permission of Renedra.co.uk

If you already have the PDF of The Silver Road you’ll get the updated version free as an update to the DrivethruRPG title. And we’ll be launching the new print edition soon! We have small stock of the previous edition, and once that’s sold it won’t be reprinted. If you’d like one, the time to grab it is now!

RPG Saints Sketchbook Stretch Goals

The campaign to raise funds to create a beautiful hardcover book of Wayne Reynolds’ RPG Saints project is going really well. There are only a handful of stretch goals for this project, given that we started with a very complete, and high end book. But there are a couple of things we can still add to the book!

Find out more about the campaign here. The crowdfunding ends on April the 4th.

Maskwitches 2

The follow up game to Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland is now in development. This sees the timeline move forward to the building of Stonehenge in the neolithic, at the end of an age long struggle.

Can the Witches, now in concert with the spirits, prevent the building of this stone monument which will end their powers, and their way of life? Find out more about the first part of this series of tabletop storytelling games here.

Check back for more details as they emerge!

Handimonsters Annual 2023 arrives!

We just took delivery of the first print run of Handimonsters Annual 2023! We’re very happy with how it looks, and we’ll be sending out all your pre-ordered copies tomorrow. (We can’t catch the post today!)

About Handimonsters Annual 2023

Monsters! This second Handimonsters annual brings you a collection of 33 unique monsters across 48 full colour pages to frighten, challenge and delight your players.

Created across the final year at the Handimonsters project, the 2023 annual collects the work of some of the most experienced 5e designers, artists, and graphic designers in one beautiful volume.

Our lead designer at Handimonsters is Jacob Rodgers. Jacob has done tons of very highly-regarded work in the 5e space, from Adventures in Middle-earth, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, Scarred Lands Creature Collection 5e, to Symbaroum 5e. Jacob really knows the 5e system inside out..

Guest writer in this volume is Gareth Hanrahan, author of the Black Iron Legacy Series, and writer of more brilliant RPG books than we could ever hope to list here

Our art is by Scott Purdy. Scott is likewise an industry veteran, and it would be quicker to list the companies Scott has not worked for. Scott’s preferred subject is MONSTERS, and it’s easy to see why. He’s a brilliant artist.

Our layout and graphic design is by Paul Bourne. Paul is without doubt one of the most talented and meticulous layout artists in the business. Paul continues to delight both those well-versed in layout, and those who just enjoy a cool logo and an easy to read page.

a|state deep dive review

We love to get reviews of our work – it’s massively important, as getting word out about our games is tough when there are just so many other games!

The word of a trusted reviewer is so much more meaningful than anything we can say. We think a|state is a brilliant setting, and a really good implementation of Forged in the Dark. We’re standing on the shoulders of giants in so many respects.

When a review like this one from the mighty Paul Beakley comes in, we’re delighted. We hope you enjoy reading it.