Writer Interview: KC Shi

KC Shi wrote Ear of Stone, one of the BEOWULF: Age of Heroes adventures featured in Trials of the Twin Seas. We’re going to ask her a few questions about that process.

Handiwork Games (HW): KC, you’ve got a lot of experience in the roleplaying game field. What’s your favourite kind of project to work on?

KC Shi (KC): Thank you! It’s generous to call me experienced. I feel like I have so much to learn, and everyday I discover more games I want to read, play, and study. As for my favourite projects, I get really excited once monsters are involved. From terrifying, stompy monsters to cute, shoulder-sitting monsters, they always provide memorable moments at the table. Writing a bestiary entry is essentially the equivalent of chatting a friend’s ear off about the cool new animal I just read 15 articles about. And on a more serious note, I think monsters reveal a lot about how we relate to the natural world, the kinds of creatures for whom we reserve our sympathy, and the qualities we use to define ourselves as people. Basically, if you add dinosaurs to a project — or anything that vaguely resembles a dinosaur — I’m smitten.

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Adventure Overview: Seven Stones

Far to the north there is a settlement named Orkness on the firth of land known as the Spearhead that has long been plagued by the Stoor Worm, an immense sea serpent. Desperate to break the cycle of tragedy for her people, one of the folk seek out the Hero, hoping to destroy the Stoor Worm.

Written by Elaine Lithgow, and with art from Jon Hodgson, Paul Bourne and Scott Purdy, Seven Stones provides a wealth of NPCs to meet, locations to explore and adversaries to battle. At 33 pages long, illustrated in full colour, it comes with VTT battle maps and tokens so that if you can’t play in person, you can play on the virtual tabletop of choice.

With an open-ended finale, it really is up to the player to solve the mystery of what is going on at the Spearhead and determine how best to resolve it.

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Art Print in aid of Ukraine Appeal

We are selling a limited edition of 50 of signed prints in aid of the Ukrainian people.

All proceeds will be donated to the  Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal organised by The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB). We feel that organisation is well placed to directly support Ukrainians in danger.

The print is A4 in size to facilitate easy shipping. It is printed on 200gsm Matt laminated stock and signed by the artist.

The image features heroes from BEOWULF Age of Heroes, and the text “To those who battle monsters”, which appears as the dedication from the BEOWULF core rulebook.

We are expecting the prints to arrive 2nd March, and will dispatch them as soon as we get them.

We have ordered and paid for the prints, and will pay any taxes on the purchase ourselves, so that 100% of your purchase will go to the charity.

Adventure Overview: The Witches and the Wyrm

The Adventure Overview series takes a look at the various adventures we’ve released for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes. We don’t spoil the adventure but we do tell you a little bit about the adventure setup and its themes.

The Witches and the Wyrm is the fourth adventure released for BEOWULF, following Horror at Herrogate. It was written by Jon Hodgson, and Jon, Scott Purdy and Paul Bourne provided the artwork. Editing/mechanical support was provided by Jacob Rodgers.

We encourage a progression for BEOWULF that allows a Hero to explore their newfound features for each new level, so it’s designed for heroes of levels 3 or 4.

The snake will not die and time does not turn properly. Three witches summon the Hero to do their bidding and conquer the defiant serpent. The Hero seems to step into some liminal space where the natural order of things has become broken because of the serpent’s refusal of the natural order of things.

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