PRE-ORDER: Maskwitches Predestined Event Tracker


PRE-ORDER: A Predestined Events Tracker for Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland.

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A handy tracker for Predestined Events in Maskwitches made from sturdy MDF, printed in full colour on one side, and accurately laser cut.

This isn’t just a set of tokens – pop out the counters, and then use the frame as a counter for each dice face as it’s rolled around the table. Simply slot one token back into the frame each time the corresponding result is rolled.

The tracker looks like a set of beads from Forgotten Doggerland, so adds even more atmosphere to your Maskwitches games.

There are 36 tokens in total, each is 14mm across. You can pop them back into their slots for storage.

The tracker can sit in the middle of the table where everyone can see it, but the players don’t necessarily know what each track means. The GM can keep that to themselves, while everyone can see the spread of results as they’re building up.

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