Lead a kingdom to victory and prosperity in this major rules expansion for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes currently in development!

In KING BEOWULF your Hero will climb the steps to the treasure seat and become a Ruler!
You will need to balance the needs of your kingdom carefully, using each season wisely as you prepare for whatever events may come to pass. You will trade, you might raid, but you’ll always be trying to improve your kingdom with the passing years.

In the spirit of BEOWULF Age of Heroes, KING BEOWULF layers new systems on a tried and tested 5th Edition base to bring your kingdom and the challenges it faces to life.

Download the intro to KING BEOWULF: Of Kingdoms and Ring-Givers free at DrivethruRPG.

(Helmet shown by Wyrmwick Creations, Fuller brooch by Glitterbeard Viking crafts. Both used by kind permission.)