In addition to creating our own games, Handiwork Games provides full-spectrum production services for other publishers.

With a team led by industry-veteran Jon Hodgson, whether it’s consultation on social media, illustration services, or creating a manuscript to a brief, editing, proofing, illustration and layout, we can provide a range of services from consultancy to print ready file creation.

Our services are perfect for established companies that need an experienced, proven and capable team to expand their operations without the fuss of hiring new staff, or for new companies looking for help with producing their crowd-funded game.

We can deliver an extremely high quality end product, and work with you throughout its creation to ensure you are entirely satisfied. With an extensive web of established working connections across multiple disciplines, alongside a very large address book, we can work to the high standards you require for your game product.

Selected Clients

  • Chaosium
  • D101 Games
  • DMs Lair
  • EN Publishing
  • Monte Cook Games
  • Onyx Path Publishing
  • Paizo
  • Paul Mitchener
  • Ralph Horsley
  • Uhrwerk Verlag

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Case Study: Scarred Lands Creature Collection

Handiwork Games were commissioned by Onyx Path Publishing to create and run a Kickstarter for their Scarred Lands Creature Collection, and then to create the book itself.

The Scarred Lands Creature Collection Kickstarter was a great success, with 1,284 backers pledging $63,130 to the project.

The book was printed and delivered by Onyx Path and looks beautiful. We’re very proud of what we delivered to our client, and their customers.

You can learn more about the campaign here.

Throughout the campaign we drove engagement and excitement with a series of previews and votes. We leveraged our ability to deliver high quality design and visuals, along with engaging video material and social media content.

Here’s a look at one of our previews – Encounter Packs: