The Silver Road

The Silver Road is a minimalist storytelling game for three to five players, including a Game Mediator. Written by Jon Hodgson and illustrated by Jon Hodgson with Paul Bourne.

When playing The Silver Road, you and some friends can get together and tell stories.  

This is an unashamedly minimalist story telling roleplaying game. It has a simple core mechanic that is applied any time there’s uncertainty about what happens next.

The current version of The Silver Road, Version 2, makes use of models and sets and handmade digital artwork for its illustrations.

The previous version used an early iteration of the Midjourney AI and we regard this prior edition of The Silver Road as a legacy title, and we’ve moved away from the use of Midjourney. Read more about that here.)

The Silver Road Important Game Facts

  • 24 pages long (plus cover)
  • 21cm x 21cm full colour book (portable, loveable)
  • Rules-lite, minimalist story telling game (if you like rules this might not be for you)
  • Setting agnostic (bring your own)
  • Written by Jon Hodgson
  • Art by Jon Hodgson and Paul Bourne
  • Layout by Paul Bourne
  • PDF is available here
  • Print book available here on the Handiwork Store


(Version 1)

Very happy to have bought @JonnyHodgsonArt‘s The Silver Road, a ttRPG with a breathtakingly simple but surprisingly satisfying core mechanic. […] Besides any game that opens with a Susan Cooper quote is speaking my language.

Dylan Horrocks