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One of the oldest recorded stories in Western Europe, Beowulf  is the ultimate tale of hero vs. monster – and now a dramatic, 5e setting.

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Discover a fierce background of wild seas and savage monsters, of meadhalls and of heirloom swords that bear legendary names. Gain Followers, take Inspiration from unique Portents, and use our specially crafted tokens to guide your voyage along the Whale Road.

Play the ‘Hero’ class, and choose from six sub-classes based on your ability scores. You can be the mighty Bench-Breaker, the wily Riddle-Reaver, or the sturdy Ox-Blooded. And you can come from a range of setting-specific backgrounds: you might be the Chosen One, or Adrift and seeking answers. You may be an Avenger, or of Noble Blood.

Written and illustrated by a team of industry veterans, led by Jon Hodgson, (The One Ring, D&D, Warhammer Historical) BEOWULF: Age of Heroes features 272 pages of beautifully illustrated mythic setting, and evokes a legendary age of tales, poems and song.

Described by fans as the ‘best hack of 5e ever made’, and by games designer Will Hindmarch as something ‘really magical’, BEOWULF Age of Heroes is uniquely designed for duet play: one Hero and one GM (though it can still be played by a group). This means it’s very easy to get a game going and to keep it going, and it’s especially ideal for play over the internet.

With its feet firmly in the world’s favourite role-playing game, BEOWULF has been very carefully forged to follow the folklore, flow and feel of the original poem.

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes is a 272 page, hardcover book in full colour.

Written by: Jon Hodgson, Jacob Rodgers and David Rea
Foreword by Maria Dahvana Headley
Original poems by Dave Oliver
Graphic Design by Paul Bourne
Art by Jon Hodgson, Jan Pospisil and Scott Purdy

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes requires the core 5e rules to play. These are available free from Wizards of the Coast.

All orders include a free .pdf of the rulebook.

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