Neksus: Closed Circle Hardcover


A 104 page, hardcover black and white graphic novel by Phil Harris and Gary Welsh.


NEKSUS: Closed Circle
They say peace comes at a price … When the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna took control of the Russian Empire from the Tsar, she had the full backing of the military and understood the needs of her countries people. Curtailing a revolution which would have overthrown the Romanov family, her ability to influence those around her becoming legendary.

Under her guidance, the Russians stood back from the war that brewed between the British and Prussian Empires and as the war raged on, the motherland merely became stronger and bided her time.

With the outbreak of the pandemic bringing the Great War to a close, in 1920, it was easy for the Romanov Empire to reach out and pick up the pieces of the ailing countries who had been decimated by years of conflict.

Thus, the Empire grew and those under them thrived until even the once mighty British Empire deferred to their rule.

Yet, there was still a specific something that the Grand Duchess searched for.

Something her Catchment Squads would stop at nothing to contain …

With writing by Phil Harris and brilliant black and white art by Gary Welsh, Neksus: Closed Circle is a deep dive into a history that never was. Presented in a handsome, US comic book-sized hardcover graphic novel, Neksus: Closed Circle is 104 pages long, with a striking full-colour cover.

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