Maskwitches Knap Tokens


14 single-sided MDF tokens for Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland, or any other game!

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A set of Knap tokens for Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland.

In Maskwitches, players collect Knaps, which allow them to alter dice results up or down one face.

Through the course of a scenario, wise Maskwitches will undertake various tasks to build up a good collection of Knaps, so that when they finally face the spirit troubling their community they will be in good shape to defeat it as fast as possible.

With this set you can easily track how many Knaps your players have.

These tokens are 30mm across – that’s almost an inch and a quarter – and there are 14 in the set. They are printed in full-colour on one side with a variety of pieces of flint, representing a knap.

They pop in and out of the frame for easy storage. The MDF is 3mm thick, so they’re nice and chunky in the hand.


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