The Hermit’s Sanctuary Poem

Beowulf, is of course, a poem. And it wouldn’t be right to publish an adventure without a poem of its own! We were delighted to be able to work with Dave Oliver of Rattlebox Theatre, who performs all kinds of amazing puppetry and spoken word performances.

Here’s the poem that Dave composed for The Hermit’s Sanctuary. There will be more poems to be found in the core setting book of BEOWULF: Age of Heroes from Dave and others.


A far flung isle

Mist mantled, Rune deep.

Surrounded by the whales way

A speck of footfall- firmly set

Upon a blue bright shield

A stone boss boldly sits

Battle-battered by billow maidens

Ancient bearer of grave and grove.

Home of bristle backed boar

Racked by wild winds keening.

Gulls wheeling screech, its scops;

Baleful beaked eagles unlock their wordhoard.

Bitter brine- not balming beer

Is lapped by that wyrd- wrought isle!

Once a holy held place

A blessing not bane to honest kin.

In hearth of deep dwelled slaughter,

Its leavings glut the grey cloaked wolf

Gorges the black ravens bent beak

Feast giver for Woden’s greedy birds.

Moon bleached, snow skinned

Shield breaker, blood drinker

A pale scabbard for a sword host

Of battle- bold warriors!

Hardened hearth-troop wreak their craft

Battle lights sing but do not sever

Blood embers swing –harmless their hewing

No war sweat stricken from war needles striking.

Forge fired, handiwork of smiths

Have no power present there.

Wyrd unravelled, blades bite dulled

Fates weave woe in warp and weft. 

About The Hermit’s Sanctuary

The Hermit’s Sanctuary is a free, full-length, introductory adventure for the forthcoming BEOWULF: AGE OF HEROES for 5e!

Designed for one player and one GM, BEOWULF provides unique rules and support for single-player games in the Age of Heroes. Take to the Whale Road as a monster-slaying hero! Voyage to the island of the hermit, and investigate the cause of its woes!

Complete with pre-generated characters, maps, printable accessories, and more, The Hermit’s Sanctuary is entirely free.

Download the adventure for free at DrivethruRPG.

Hermit’s Sanctuary now on Tabletop Simulator!

Thanks to our friend Bill, you can now play The Hermit’s Sanctuary using Tabletop Simulator! Which is rather handy if you’re stuck indoors!

Download the free scenario:

And here’s what you need for Tabletop Simulator:

Tabletop Simulator itself is here:
Content is still being added, and it’s playable now.

Of course, the scenario works fine without Tabletop Simulator too!

The Hermit’s Sanctuary for BEOWULF 5e: out now!

We’re delighted to bring you The Hermit’s Sanctuary
a FREE, full-length, introductory adventure for the forthcoming BEOWULF: AGE OF HEROES for 5e!

Designed for one player and one GM, BEOWULF provides unique rules and support for single player games. Take to the Whale Road as a monster-slaying hero! Voyage to the island of the hermit, and investigate the cause of its woes!

Lavishly illustrated in full colour, The Hermit’s Sanctuary includes:

  • a complete, 52-page adventure for one GM and one Player
  • optional poster-sized PDF battle maps for all locations
  • optional VTT-friendly battle maps for Virtual Tabletops
  • 4 pre-generated characters
  • printable accessories: inspiration tokens and inspiration pool
  • blank character sheet
  • rules reminder sheet
  • handy adventure flowcharts


One of the oldest recorded stories in Western Europe, the poem Beowulf is an epic tale of hero against monster. And then the monster’s mother. And then a dragon.

BEOWULF is a setting and rules set for 5th Edition, designed for duet play – one GM and one player. Set in the world of Anglo-Saxon myth, no deep knowledge of history is required – the themes are eternal and instantly recognisable, adventures occur in the story-world of the Saxons, and we’ve done all the historical reading for you!

BEOWULF presents a host of new and specially adapted rules to create epic and thematic adventures for your lone hero and his or her companions. 

BEOWULF features a unique new set of subclasses: The Hero, with subclasses for each ability score. It has BEOWULF specific backgrounds, and unique rules for sea voyages, inspiration, alignment, followers, a new condition and more!

Explore mythic, migration-era Europe and beyond, solve mysteries, and do battle with dreadful monsters.

With writing and rules design from hand-picked 5e and folklore geniuses, and with art from Jon Hodgson and friends, BEOWULF will be a thing of epic wonder. It will arrive on Kickstarter soon!

The Hermit’s Sanctuary!

We’re making preparations to deliver you the free introductory adventure to BEOWULF! Layout is almost complete!

The Hermit’s Sanctuary is a full-length, free adventure for BEOWULF, showcasing its unique new 5e rules for play with one player and one GM in the world of dark age myth and adventure!
Full of encounters, characters, maps, and locations, it’s an exciting introduction to the monster-slaying Age of Heroes!

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Most Anticipated

Here’s a strange one for you! HELLENISTIKA, the technicolour turbo-charged Hellenistic Greek era RPG we’re making with Ken Hite features on EN world’s “most anticipated RPGs of 2020” list.

Hellenistika doesn’t actually qualify, being a setting for 5e. So while we’re delighted people are excited about it, and that it was nominated, we can’t really ask for your votes!

However also on the list are a bunch of games we worked on – We provided cover art for Wolves of God, The Hero’s Journey and Through Sunken Lands so we certainly hope they do well, and they’re well worth your time!

Of course with Hellenistika being so highly anticipated we’re sure you’re looking for a progress report. We’re not ready to share anything new on that score just yet. “We’re working on it” remains the headline. We have a meeting with Ken this week, and it’s all chugging along! Once we have some cool stuff to share you’ll find it here!

Hermit’s Sanctuary for BEOWULF map preview

Our latest newsletter went out today, and it included a sneak peek at the map for the forthcoming “The Hermit’s Sanctuary for BEOWULF. Check it out:


Set in a world of Saxon myth, BEOWULF lets you play 5e with just one player and one GM, in a hellbeast-slaying world of ship voyages, meadhalls and monsters! Find out more here.