PRE-ORDER: Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland Redux Pine Pitch Black + Free PDF


PRE-ORDER: The new, longer, hardcover edition of Maskwitches, featuring all human-made art.


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PRE-ORDER. PDF anticipated early June, physical book anticipated mid June.

This is the Handiwork Games exclusive black and white hardcover version of Maskwitches.

Maskwitches is back, having been successfully kickstarted in a new edition. We’ve received numerous requests to open a pre-order since the campaign ended, and so here it is!

Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland is a psychedelic Mesolithic storytelling game, placing your stories in Forgotten Doggerland – the land that lies drowned beneath the North Sea. It uses Handiwork’s own The Silver Road rules.

After the end of the last ice age, as the earth warmed and the tides rose, the area we now call Doggerland was subject to an unimaginably vast tidal wave, and was lost forever. We know precious little about this place, and as such it makes a marvellous location to set the weird tales of the now-forgotten maskwitches.

Written Jon Hodgson (co-creator, writer, artist: BEOWULF Age of Heroes, artist: Dungeons and Dragons, writer, artist, creative director: Adventures In Middle-earth, The One Ring RPG), this unique standalone RPG and setting book is illustrated with a unique mixture of props, models and sets.

This title curates hundreds of evocative and surreal art pieces that depict the place of Forgotten Doggerland, the people and creatures that live there, and their possessions.

There are three new sections to the Redux edition:

• Optional rules for tracking the equivalent of injury by using your group’s masks as a resource pool that comes under pressure during play. Including an optional rule for what happens if a witch has no masks left.

• Theres a new section that optionally provides players with a handful of things that their witches know. Which provides some inspiration from the get go, and ideas for your character. It’s ideal for groups who aren’t used to picking up the story ball and kicking it at the horizon. It’s a starting point.

• There’s also a new section on what to do if you really don’t have masks or amulets that relate to the current obstacle and you just cannot figure out any kind of creative way to use what you do have.

Maskwitches is presented as a standalone, 168 page hardcover, 21cm square, black and white, hardcover book.

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