a|state Table Tower


A sturdy four-panel screen for a|state that folds into a tower for everyone to reference.

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The a|state Table Tower is your new favourite accessory! A sturdy four-panel portrait format screen, printed on hefty 2mm board, that you fold into a three or four-sided tower, it sticks up above your cluttered table so essential info is just a glance away for everyone.

Two panels show handy references for players along with beautiful a|state artwork by Paul Bourne.

Cover the artwork with sticky notes when you need to remember important stuff!

The rest is packed with GM reference. There’s a mission panel for the mission phase, and a downtime panel for the downtime phase.

Fold the tower so the one you need is showing, and the other one stays hidden until you need it.

But that’s not all! When the need hits, unfold the tower to access stacks more detailed references. You’ll be ready for every unexpected twist in the game!   The Table Tower does all this and makes your game look epic, and it all fits in a space about the size of a single piece of paper!

The a|state Table Tower is supplied shrink-wrapped for freshness.

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