The Wolf-child

Character Queue is an ongoing series where we dive deep into our pregenerated characters that we made as part of our introduction to our BEOWULF:Age of Heroes roleplaying game. We were fortunate enough to fund sculpting and casting these characters, so not only do they appear in character sheet form but as professional miniatures as well.

Our character today is The Wolf-child.

“She just stared at us. The wolves beside her waited patiently. I got the sense that she must be deciding something and if it went poorly they would attack. The bird on her shoulder also stared silently at us. Finally, she lunged forward and grabbed the meat from my hand. It took all I had to not flinch.

The Wolf-child – Animal-friend

She came out of the Forest in the company of her family. Her wolves. No one knows anything about her. She speaks little, and only at need. Her friends are the wolves. The Wolf Child is always accompanied by her three wolves and her bird-friend. They travel together on Raft and always seek injustice and monsters.

Available as a single STL file or as part of the precast miniatures set.

Play as The Wolf-child in The Hermit’s Sanctuary, our ENnie-nominated introductory scenario for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, available for free (PDF version) or in print!