Handimonsters: The Handimonster Annual

The Handimonsters Annual 2022 collects our last year’s releases of monsters into one fantastic print format! Here’s a little bit about one of the monsters and how it can be to be…

The Stonerooster was not an easy monster to bring forth, but I’m proud of the eventual approach that we used and just how unusual a monster it is. It began life and a monster drawn out by Scott, with (as far as I know), no particular asperations as to what it was capable of. The beast had these strange, hynoptic almost-style eyes, so that was some inspiration. But was also rather ugly and I wasn’t really sure what was going on there.

A bit of pondering and some snatches of old jazz standards had me thinking about rooster eggs and so I decided that could be a bit of fun. What if we have a creature so weird and magical that it really does lay (well, find) rooster eggs and they hatch?

That became a great inspiration for the write-up and everything came together pretty quickly after that. And, of course, we had to give it some crazy eyebeams and poison breath just to keep the adventurers on their toes. There are dozens of unique monsters in the Handimonster Annual or you can sign up to get access to all of them on our Patreon!