Eight Things about BEOWULF Age of Heroes

To celebrate the release of Digital Pack Eight, heres 8 things about BEOWULF:

1: BEOWULF is an ENnie-award nominated setting and set of additional rules for 5e. 

2: It’s aimed at making 5e shine for one player and one GM.

3: The player takes on the role of the Hero class in the myths of the “dark ages”.

4: There are 6 subclasses, one for each ability score. So there are Strength Heroes, Dexterity Heroes, Charisma Heroes and so on.  

5: Lone Heroes are bolstered by Followers – NPCs that work a little bit like spells, coming into the spotlight when they perform an action and then retreating into the background. 

6: Digital Packs are packages of additional content for the game, including new material in PDF, music, useful VTT assets, new monsters, beautiful battle maps and more. 

7: There is a whole series of adventures for BEOWULF Age of Heroes available in PDF.

8: You can start your Hero’s story for FREE with the full-length ENnie-Nominated Hermit’s Sanctuary adventure.