NEWSLETTER 12 October 2021

It’s newsletter day! We’ve got updates for you on Handimonsters, BEOWULF, and A|State, along with news about our card game Forest Dragon Farmer. Let’s get into it:

A|State Pledge Manager Coming!

We are in the process of making final arrangements to open up the pledge manager very soon. That will allow you to make a late pledge in order to receive a copy of A|State or allow you to add on items to your existing order, like the fantastic looking Three Coins booklet:

We’ll have more information to come very soon on the pledge manager. Work continues apace, with more writers turning in their ideas to expand The City.

Forest Dragon Farmer

The Forest Dragon holds a very special place in our hearts, as Rory (one of our junior designers, then age 9) took the lead on developing, illustrating, and testing a card game of his own (award-winning) design.

The Forest Dragon Farmer is the next step in the saga of the Forest Dragon. You’re now retired from a life of adventuring and trying to succeed as a farmer. To do so, you need to collect the proper sets of seeds, fields, and helpers while avoiding setbacks! It’s a game of fun and strategy, and expect to hear more about Forest Dragon Farmer soon.


Ear of Stone is our latest adventure release, and Digital Pack 4 is the most recent release with help on BEOWULF combat, inspirational material for character creation, three new music tracks and two brand new battle maps in a variety of formats. See the BEOWULF shop for all of our offerings.

We are hard at work getting The Triple Serpent by Gar Hanrahan ready for release. It should be with backers towards the end of the month. We’re still hoping for the end of Shipocalypse any day now!


It’s now Spooky Time and the Legions of Autumn have arrived:

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