Newsletter — 19 October, 2021

It’s newsletter day! We’ve got news for you on BEOWULF, , Forest Dragon Farmer, Handimonsters and A|State. First up:

A|State Pledge Manager Opening Thursday!

The A|State Pledge Manager will open later this week, allowing you to update your address, add on items to existing pledges or to make a late pledge if you weren’t able to join us when the Kickstarter was running. We’ll send out a project update as soon as the pledge manager goes live.

Work continues on finished up the rulebook and adding on the stretch goals.


We released the free Half A Dozen More Handimonsters:

This collects the free monsters we’ve released over the last six months or so and allows you to have an idea of the quality and variety of monsters available through the Handimonsters project. Visit Half-A-Dozen (More) Handimonsters to get it today! Or got to to join. You’ll gain access to our entire backcatalogue of 5e monsters and receive a new monster every Monday!

Speaking of Mondays, our October spooky days continue, with the release of the Lord of Autumn next week!

Forest Dragon Farmer

The Forest Dragon Farmer has returned to the playtest arena for final polishing. Sometimes it can be excellent to step away from a project for a little while and return with fresh eyes. And, sometimes, those fresh eyes see some opportunities:


We are still hard at work on The Triple Serpent from Gareth Hanrahan and hope to show that off soon!

In shipping news for our US backers, we did receive a post-dated status change from the shipper, letting us know that the books are now with the Customs office in Miami, Florida. So there is some progress, as haphazard as it may seem and hopefully we will see the books arrive to our warehouse soon.


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