The Forest Dragon Farmer

Coming Soon! Retired from adventuring, it’s time to settle down and grow some crops!

In The Forest Dragon Farmer card game you’ll build a farm around the fringes of the Forest. In the Forest you can forage for Seeds, find plots of land, Helpers and Special Events. But watch out! You might encounter set backs which damage your progress!

You can also trade things from your farm into the Market to help build your farm.

Once you’ve collected a matching set of a Field, a Seeds card and a Helper, you can harvest a crop.

The game ends when someone has managed to harvest 3 crops. The crops with the most points win – and it’s not a dead cert that you’ll win just by being the first to harvest three! With bonus cards, and cannily making wise matches of high scoring cards you’ll do much better than racing to three.

For younger or more impatient players there is the option to play the easy game mode, where it’s just a race to get 3 crops.

Field, Seeds and Helper cards have a row of symbols at the bottom. To grow a crop you’ll need to collect 3 with a matching symbol. In this example, all of the cards show the Raindrops symbol:

Cards with less symbols, which are harder to match, score more points at the end of the game. Other cards have a lot of symbols, so are easy to match – allowing you to grow crops much faster. But for less points.

Alongside all the farming stuff, you’ll also encounter Setbacks from the World of The Forest Dragon games – there are some new “friends”, as well as some familiar foes. Perhaps the Greedy Boys or a Famished Cowbear come to visit, helping themselves to your produce. Or maybe worse, a Marrow Troll wanders onto your property and takes some of your stuff!

There are also a bunch of Special Events that move things along in different ways. Some of these show the passing seasons, some are exciting finds on your farm, others are special allies. A lot of these allow you to take additional actions in the game.

Get an advanced look at the rulebook here.