Handy Monsters for Any Adventure!

When we launched Handimonsters just about a year ago, the name we choose was not just about making a clever play on our company name, it was a commitment to providing useful and interesting monsters for gamemasters and players. And to provide an excellent value to our customers.

We always have at least one free release each month, usually the first Monday of the month. For September, it was the Sly One, the first of our Wildfolk!

Everyone received the statblock for free, but our Level Three patrons got not only the statblock but a digital art print, VTT tokens (both face-down and a portrait token) and printable paper minis.

Speaking of the printable paper minis, we think that they can be an easy and fast way to provide lots of options for tabletop gaming while remaining a great deal and easy to assemble.

The next monster we released was the Flammifer, which introduced our Dungeon Constructs line:

We think they’re a lot of fun — they’re monsters that resemble ordinary objects you might find in a dungeon but prove to be dangerous themselves.

Patrons not only get helpful printable minis for play at the gaming table, but tokens to use when communicating online. We always offer a portrait version and a top-dow

Finally, we often have a bonus monster, another free release. We usually do this when there are five Mondays in a month. The bonus monsters often tie into our BEOWULF: Age of Heroes game. Because they are extra, they usually don’t come with miniatures, tokens, or digital art prints.

This month’s free release was in celebration of Fat Bear Week and was just an extra that we decided to add on for the month.

A Fantastic Deal!

If you’re interested in getting everything for all our monsters, visit www.handimonsters.com today and sign up for Tier Three today. For around $6 (USD) per month, you can have access to everything we have already done and all of the Handimonsters that we have yet to release!