Big Dice for Big Heroes

If you’re looking for the sort of 20-sided die that will impress your friends or for a stocking-stuffer for that special roleplayer in your life, our 31mm BEOWULF dice will do the trick. They’re 60% bigger than the standard d20 and come as a set of three. You can, of course, use them in any game that needs a twenty-sided die:

The Dice of a Hero

In BEOWULF, every character is a hero. And a hero deserves a big, chonky heroic die.

The Hero’s Die
The Old Ways Die
The Church Die

Wyrd Dice in BEOWULF: Age of Heroes

In our 5e-based duet adventure game BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, each character has a Wyrd, a special heroic fate that belongs to them. This ties into their alignment (do they believe in the Old Ways? Or the new Church?), inspiration, and advantage. When they roll with advantage one of the dice that they roll is their alignment die.

A roll with the Hero’s die and the Old Ways die. When the Hero rolls with advantage they add their alignment die. If they pick their alignment die to be the result they get inspiration. This allows a lucky hero to possibly roll with advantage several times in a row. And, being the only character in the game, they well may need that luck!

A less lucky result. BEOWULF heroes are allowed to pick which die they want to use when they roll with advantage. So a player could take the natural 1 this round and still gain inspiration for later use. A tough choice!

Adventure Awaits!

You can order these huge dice and/or BEOWULF Age of Heroes right now! We also have some awesome dice trays to keep the fun organised.