We have reached the final component of an adventure, the Monster. In BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, the capital-m Monster is special and has a fundamental part to play in the story of the adventure. It is likely that when the Monster is first met that it is undefeatable, the Hero can only do minimal damage to it.

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BEOWULF at Redbubble

You can grab a bunch of cool BEOWULF merchandise at Redbubble. We sporadically add new designs, so keep checking back. The various designs are available of a ton of different items, including large desk mats, art prints, drinking bottles, T shirts and loads more!

Poems and More

Another day and another stretch goal achieved! Dave will be composing new poems for The Trials of the Twin Seas.

Campaign Coins Streams BEOWULF!

Our friends at Campaign Coins ran two of our adventures on Twitch, and you can catch up with them on Youtube. Mark is a great GM and his players loved it.

Here’s Alex as Blaedswith in Horror at Herrogate:

And here’s Jackson as Bald Eadig:

They’re great fun to watch, and will certainly give you a good idea of what to expect!

Campaign Coins non-coincidentally made our amazing BEOWULF inspiration tokens and BEOWULF compass. These are really weighty pieces of kit and well worth your time.

If you’d like some, you can add these on when you join the Kickstarter!
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The Battlemaps of the Twin Seas

Of the course of The Trials of the Twin Seas, your Hero will face many challenges. When those challenges involve combat with ordinary foes or monsters, we provide battle maps you can use, either in printed form, or digitally. Here’s a preview of some of the maps included:

Woodland Battle Map

Bear Tomb Battle Map

Old Farm Battle Map

Wreck Battle Map

Trials of the Twin Seas, a full-colour hardcover collection of our BEOWULF adventures is coming very soon. Sign up for the forthcoming Kickstarter here!

BEOWULF Digital Packs

We produce a range of additional material for BEOWULF Age of Heroes in bite-sized digital packs. They began life as a stretch goals on our original BEOWULF Kickstarter campaign, and have delivered regular new content to our backers for a year!

BEOWULF Digital Packs are released monthly, apart from months where we have big projects on, which sometimes pause the flow, like March where we’re building up to the Trials of the Twin Seas Kickstarter plus Jon got Covid!

Digital Packs are eminently affordable, and expand your game options with inspirational material, new Followers, monsters and weapons, battle maps, atmospheric background music, VTT tokens and more!

At the time of writing there are Eight Digital Packs in the wild for you to explore. Let’s take a look at their contents:

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Writer Interview: KC Shi

KC Shi wrote Ear of Stone, one of the BEOWULF: Age of Heroes adventures featured in Trials of the Twin Seas. We’re going to ask her a few questions about that process.

Handiwork Games (HW): KC, you’ve got a lot of experience in the roleplaying game field. What’s your favourite kind of project to work on?

KC Shi (KC): Thank you! It’s generous to call me experienced. I feel like I have so much to learn, and everyday I discover more games I want to read, play, and study. As for my favourite projects, I get really excited once monsters are involved. From terrifying, stompy monsters to cute, shoulder-sitting monsters, they always provide memorable moments at the table. Writing a bestiary entry is essentially the equivalent of chatting a friend’s ear off about the cool new animal I just read 15 articles about. And on a more serious note, I think monsters reveal a lot about how we relate to the natural world, the kinds of creatures for whom we reserve our sympathy, and the qualities we use to define ourselves as people. Basically, if you add dinosaurs to a project — or anything that vaguely resembles a dinosaur — I’m smitten.

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