The Three Ogre Brothers

The Three Ogre Brothers was designed to be the sample adventure for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes. Unlike some sample adventures, it is purposefully designed to be repetitive, in order to strongly establish the tropes of BEOWULF adventures and provide opportunities for a Player to experiment with the format. After an initial introduction scene that provides the Hero with enough background information to be confident in the situation, they are introduced to the Ogre Lands and given a fairly direct path to the first ogre brother, or they can travel further inland to meet another of the brothers first.

Each of the three parts of the adventure has close parallels with the other two. This is by choice. In each section, there are always one or more average folk you can meet, in order to learn how the common people react to their ogre rulers, a special person whose extraordinary features perhaps can aid the Hero and some ally or servant of the ogres who must be dealt with before a direct confrontation with the ogre brother is likely. In each situation, there are always alternative solutions possible as well.

In the end, it is likely that the Hero has defeated The Three Ogre Brothers and now must make wise decisions about the land and its people. The adventure covers several different solutions and potential politics. It also provides an accounting of potential XP or achievement awards for the various components followed by maps and reference cards for the adventure.

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