Rest and Rewards

The adventure is over! The Monster is defeated, the people and the local ruler are grateful and there is much excitement. This is the next section of the BEOWULF rules, covering rest and rewards.

Our base rules use Experience Points to earn levels and we provide a chart of XP awards based on the Hero’s current level to assist the GM with determining an XP budget for the adventure. We provide a more detailed table for experience won for meetings, investigation, minor enemies and the monster. Worth noting is that we’ve prepared this table based on our experience with roleplaying games, giving a player at least two adventures per level – one adventure to discover their new features, and another adventure to demonstrate mastery of those features or clever uses. Your Player(s) may appreciate a faster or slower rate of advancement.

We also provide an alternative system for advancement – achievement awards. Using this system provides some detail in categories of experience awards (e.g. investigation, social, etc.) without the frequent maths of an experience point system. So you can earn a level by achieving specific goals that matter to you, while bypassing things of lesser importance.

Next we provide suggested reward levels based on the Hero’s competency and the level of generosity shown by the local ruler. These rewards usually come from the ruler’s treasury. There may be times when the Hero is entitled to their fair share of a monster’s hoard (not all monsters keep piles of treasures, however) or magical items found or recovered in the course of the adventure.

Of course, generous rulers such as your Hero make sure that treasure flows both ways. The Hero may pass on gifts that are impractical for a wandering warrior on to their liege lord, and the Hero’s Followers and crew expect rich rewards, especially if they assisted in fighting a deadly enemy.

Next time we talk about ‘between adventures’!

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