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We’ve been fantastically busy getting a|state and The Trials of the Twin Seas through the print process. That’s all done and the presses are rolling. Which means we now have some time to catch you up on what’s coming up next at Handiwork Games. We sent this news out via our newsletter on Friday – if you missed that you also missed a web store discount voucher, so be sure to sign up here.

Trials of the Twin Seas Late Pledges

Late pledges for The Trials of the Twin Seas will open in July, and the PDF will launch soon too. Backers have the PDF already.

Trials of the Twin Seas is a collection of adventures for one GM and one Player in the epic early-medieval setting of BEOWULF Age of Heroes.

a|state Coins Arrive

We shot some video of the a|state coins and compass arriving. Check it out:

and the next episode of the a|state podcast is coming soon:

Upcoming titles

We’re working on some amazing new titles for you.
First of all is a big one:

KING BEOWULF. In this high level supplement by Jacob Rodgers your Hero will be ruling whole kingdoms and controlling entire warbands as they face the challenges of the treasure-seat. This new hardcover will feature all the clever rules design and beautiful artwork you’ve come to expect from Handiwork Games!

We’re deep in the development process on this title, and will have plenty more info as we progress toward release. Check out the cover by Jon Hodgson:

In Spoons, In Knives. The first setting supplement for The Silver Road

In Spoons, In Knives transports us to the 1930s, and the industrial heartland of the United Kingdom.

Filled with inspiration for 1930s gangland stories, struggles for community survival, or surreal supernatural stories against a backdrop of heavy industry and rising global tensions.
Featuring more mind-being and creepy Midjourney artwork, and the same 21cm (8 inches) square format, In Spoons will sit handsomely next to The Silver Road rulebook.

Beyond that we’re currently working on The Maskwitches of Doggerland, another setting for The Silver Road – this time a psychedelic take on the lost ice-age territory of Doggerland, which now lies under the North Sea.

This one is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Right now we’re laying out Digital Pack Nine for BEOWULF Age of Heroes, which will be released soon.

We’ll be looking at these titles in more detail this week on our social media, so be sure to give us a follow:

Twitter: @gameshandiwork