King Beowulf

Lead a kingdom to victory and prosperity in this major rules expansion for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes!

Higher Levels

A challenge for many 5e games is what to do at higher levels in the game. KING BEOWULF addresses this by introducing a new set of challenges, in addition to providing new Monsters that can threaten an entire realm. You step into the role of a leader and must balance the needs of your kingdom carefully, preparing them for whatever events may come to pass while also staying vigilant against the threats of Monsters and men.

Tried and True Means

But, even in a duet game, your Hero is not alone. KING BEOWULF introduces Advisors, folk that can help your ruler, that are very similar to Followers that aid you during adventures. Advisors are instead focused on aspects of managing your realm. Their gifts can aid you mightily during times of trouble, but most of them bear burdens as well that you must manage.

Building Blocks

The tag system, involving both burdens and gifts, also applies to the provinces of your realm. Build up settlements within your kingdom, construct defences to keep them safe and occasionally discover unusual locations within your realm using this system with the realm turn, guiding activity and setting goals for your kingdom.

Diplomacy and Negotiations

KING BEOWULF provides tools for tracking both internal concerns among your provinces and your realm’s status with its neighbours and rivals. Some Advisors are experts in negotiation and peace-keeping, while others believe a sharp spear and a sturdy shield are the best tools of diplomacy.

Raging War

Enemies and Monsters may threaten the realm of the wisest and most cautious rulers. Rules are provided for detailed conflicts that employ battlefield strategy in an elegant framework, along with expedited rules for when results are most important. The Bestiary contains units of military forces that may threaten your realm or be encountered during an adventure (perhaps as scouts for a larger force) and incredible Monsters that can threaten a kingdom all on their own

Adventures and Campaign Outlines

KING BEOWULF provides for a variety of adventures that introduce realms and the concerns of rulership as well as challenges to a settled ruler and campaign frameworks that can track the rise and fall of a kingdom.

Guides, Charts and Tables

Just like BEOWULF itself, we will give you tools and options for your games encapsulated into easy-to-use formats that can quickly guide you through a section of the game or provide random inspiration during play.

  • KING BEOWULF is still in active development. The above described features and rules may change before release. We’ll provide updates here on the blog and our newsletter about the development process.