8 single sided MDF tokens for BEOWULF Age of Heroes, or any other game!

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A new set of Inspiration Tokens for BEOWULF Age of Heroes!

The set comprises 8 unique tokens, made from sturdy MDF, with designs printed in full colour on one side. They come in a single MDF “frame”, ready to pop out and use.

These feature the beautiful iconography of Paul Bourne that’s found throughout the BEOWULF Age of Heroes rulebook.

They’re 38mm across, so poker chip-sized, and nice and chunky. The MDF is 3mm thick, meaning the frame is strong enough to store the tokens if you click them back in place.

These tokens look great on the BEOWULF inspiration mat, which tracks your inspiration pool. And of course you can use them for any 5e game, or indeed any other game that requires a token!

Of course our metal tokens made by our friends at Campaign Coins are still very much available – we have just restocked those to ensure we don’t run out. So now the choice is yours! Heavy metal or full colour MDF!

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