PRE-ORDER: BEOWULF Twin Seas Inspiration mat


PRE-ORDER: Track your Inspiration Tokens with this gorgeous neoprene mat!

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PRE ORDER: With dispatch of Trials of the Twin Seas underway to backers and late pledgers, we’re delighted to now open a pre-order for the various rewards offered in the kickstarter here on our store. As soon as Kickstarter dispatch is complete in your region we’ll send your mat to you.

As part of the BEOWULF: Age of Heroes ruleset, each Hero has access to a pool of Inspiration. These are divided into tokens they can use for their Followers, Tokens they can use anyway they like, and there is also a deadly pool of dread Monster tokens. How the pool is divided up is determined by the ortent at the outset of the adventure.

To track the Pool you can use chits of any kind – coins, beads, ancient Dirrams from old Baghdad you found buried in an Early English pot in your garden… and three bowls, or three spaces drawn on a piece of paper.

OR, since you’ll be able to run the same scenario for everyone you know, one on one, and since you can club together with your players, you can indulge yourselves and get this Inspiration Pool Mat with a brand new design for this Kickstarter, never before seen! With graphics by Paul Bourne, expertly printed by Custom Patriot in the UK on 3mm neoprene, with whip-stitched edges, this is the perfect setting for your Inspiration Tokens.

It’s touch under 20cm square.

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