Portable Games?

In packing the stock for UK Games Expo, I was reminded of something.

One of our very first games was Forest Dragon Bang & Twang. When played with the Riff Coins this is a really portable game. You hold a small hand of cards, there’s a draw deck and a discard pile, and action is all occurring around three coins. You can play it in a very limited space. 

The game box itself slips into a pocket and the riff coins happily slide into the box. 

It wasn’t designed specifically to be portable – it just is. 

The Silver Road, our minimalist sorry-telling rpg and our newest release, is similarly portable. You need the eight inch square booklet while you learn the minimalist rules, and a six-sided dice. Having a dice for each player is ideal, but that’s no hardship. Your character fits easily on an index card or till receipt. 

Like Bang and Twang, The Silver Road wasn’t specifically designed to be portable, but it really is. Clearly small games are something we like making!

If you happen to be in Birmingham at the beginning of June you can catch us at UK Games Expo. We’d love to see you, so swing by the booth for a chat!