UK Games Expo in 2 weeks!

We’re off to the first big event we’ve attended since before the pandemic! UK Games expo is on in Birmingham from Friday 3rd of June until Sunday the 5th. 

We’ll be there with a stand in the trade hall. 

We’re in Hall 1, stand 228. That’s on the left hand side of the hall as you come in. 

We’re bringing a curated selection of our favourite things. Here’s the planned list of what you’ll be able to grab at the booth. 



Various Awesome Stuff

Here’s a list of what WON’T be there:

a|state Second Edition: it’s not printed yet. The PDF is out now, and printing begins this week! Pre-orders are open now.

Trials of the Twin Seas: it’s not printed yet. The PDF is almost done though!

Map tiles. We’re due a reprint of several sets with only one or two copies in stock, Bringing along a less than complete range seems like a lot of weight to bring. You can get them on our web store. 

Battle mats. They’re 36” square and once you’re dealing with more than a couple they weigh a ton. We’ll happily send you one through the post though!

BEOWULF inspiration mats. We’re down to just a couple left. We might bring those along in Jon’s suitcase but they won’t be “in stock” as such. We’re printing a new one for the Twin Seas campaign. 

Posters: These are too tricky to transport and display well, and much easier for you to mail order than carry around Expo!

Jon will be be at the booth all weekend, with various helpers popping by too. We’d love to see you for a chat after such a long time away from shows, so please do swing by and tell us all about your adventures!