Walk The Silver Road Now

You can now order the 24 page, full colour, softcover print book and get the PDF free, or just grab the pdf at DrivethruRPG. 

We’ll also have some limited stock at UK Games Expo at the beginning of June. 

About The Silver Road

The Silver Road is a minimalist story telling game. It’s setting-free, allowing you to bring your own, and is light enough to be incredibly versatile. The game was created under heavy influence of 1970s children’s books like Susan Cooper and Alan Garner, but it can happily work for any setting. 

The Silver Road is an experimental game that thrives on player participation, group story telling, and creative narration to create stories together. 

As a minimalist game there’s no tracking of numerical resources, and the rules are stripped down to the bare minimum of procedures. 

The game uses one six-sided dice per player, and your character fits on an index card. 

As written, The Silver Road is played with a GM but recent games without a GM work well with the right group. 

The Silver Road was written by Jon Hodgson (Writer on The One Ring 1e, Adventures in Middle-earth, BEOWULF Age of Heroes and the Terminator RPG) and illustrated by Mike Franchina (illustrator for Magic the Gathering and Blizzard)

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