Out Now: Ear of Stone for BEOWULF

In this adventure for ENnie-Nominated BEOWULF Age of Heroes, our Hero arrives at the isle of Hreodan, where bonds of family and tradition are in grave peril, and danger lurks just beneath the surface…

Ear of Stone Montage 1

Hreodan is an island protected from both storms and reavers by its resident guardian spirit. Those of the Book think the spirit is an angel sent by God, while those of the Old Ways say it is a holmgaast, or sea spirit, haunting the island and surrounding waters. Most residents of the island don’t see why it can’t be both. Whatever the spirit’s true nature, its protection makes Hreodan an ideal location for sailors to resupply and trade, earning the island’s meadhall the nickname of Wayfarer’s Rest. 

Or so it was, until Hreodan’s guardian turned against it.

Ear of Stone montage 2

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About BEOWULF: Age of Heroes
Successfully funded on Kickstarter, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes presents duet play for one GM and one player in an epic mythic setting of migration era Europe (also known as “The Dark Ages”).

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