Newsletter 29 September 2021

We’re back, with the last newsletter of September. How time flies! We’ve got convention news, Handimonsters news, BEOWULF news and more!

Newsletter Day

We’re trying out another day for our newsletters! What do you think? Do you enjoy getting the news a little earlier in the week?

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes

The latest adventure, Ear of Stone, is out now! Set sail for the island of Hreodan and Wayfarer’s Rest, once famed for its hospitality. But now a monster stalks its shores, and visitors are no longer safe.

For US backers awaiting their BEOWULF book, the latest news is that we know that they’re in the States and being processed through Customs. International shipping is short-handed and overwhelmed right now, but we’re hoping for a sudden and surprising ray of sunshine any day now!


We released the Crypt-cell on Monday, the latest of the Dungeon Constructs. You can get its stat block and over 40 more by signing up at for $3 (US)/£2.20~ a month. Each is compatible with 5e and are designed, written, illustrated and laid out by professional designers and artists. If you double your commitment you not only get the stat blocks but digital art files, virtual tabletop tokens (both portrait and topdown views) and printable paper minis.

We also have a special treat in store for Handimonster folks this week. We will be releasing Rysl-Bera, the Fat Bear, as a special BEOWULF Handimonster later this week, in celebration of Fat Bear week!


Last week was Carronade, our hometown gaming convention in Falkirk. Jon and Paul attended and report that it was an excellent show with a lot of folks coming to our booth and purchasing our products. We will have a blog post with more details later this week.

This coming week is Albacon, an online convention! All of our BEOWULF: Age of Heroes games are filled up but there are still lots of other games you can play in, for a good cause. (Tickets for Albacon support Penumbra, one of Scotland’s largest mental health charities.) Visit to learn more.

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