News Update – 24 September 2021


We’ve got lots of news from the worlds of Handimonsters, BEOWULF, A|State and gaming conventions, both in our homebase of Falkirk, Scotland and online. Let’s get into it!


This weekend is Carronade, right here in Falkirk! We’re excited to return to the live convention scene by going to our favourite one (and close to home). While table size is restricted, we’re bringing everything that we can and we will have special show-only pricing on some of our items.

If you will unfortunately miss out on the convention, we’re also doing a special sale on our website to celebrate. To get the discount just subscribe to our newsletter before it goes out today, and you’ll get the code in your email.

Albacon is next weekend (Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October 2021). It’s online, so no dealer table, but you can sign up for special demo games of BEOWULF: Age of Heroes run by Jacob. The Saturday game is sold through, but there’s still space in the Sunday game. Visit to sign up or learn more.


Work continues on the core rulebook, especially in adding on all of the unlocked stretch goal materials. The Three Coins, a roleplaying game that people in The City play, is coming together nicely. The Kickstarter backers unlocked the physical printing of Three Coins (what exactly you call the game or how you write it out depends on where in The City you live) so it will soon enough become a ‘real thing’.

We also have some new art from Paul to show off:

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes

Lots of news here! We just released Ear of Stone, our fifth adventure for BEOWULF, to the Kickstarter Backers. It will be available for purchase next week and we’ll be sending out messages on all the usual channels to let you know when it is live.

Digital Pack 5 will also be out shortly; we’re working to finalise a couple of pieces and then it will be ready for release. After that, the next piece of the puzzle is Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s The Triple Serpent. We’re aiming for an October release for that adventure, which will be appropriate since it is horror-rific in all the right ways. 

We also just released Follower Cards in the shop . They’re pre-printed, with reference information and convenient trackers on the back side. They also come with some beautiful stickers with Follower art which you can use to organise and illustrate the cards, tokens or whatever strikes your fancy.

We also have Whale Road posters in the shop as well. Printed at A2 size on 350 gsm paper, matt laminated and signed and numbered by Jon and Paul, they make excellent display pieces, or your Player can use it to track their voyages across the Two Seas.


We’ve recently introduced a couple of new categories for our monsters, including the Wildfolk. They are actually fey creatures embodied into humanoid animal forms, with personalities inspired by local folklore.

We’re really enjoying them and hope our patrons are as well. Let us know if you’d like to see more Wildfolk, or if you’d like rules for being able to play Wildfolk characters.

Our other current series is Dungeon Constructs, a series of strange creatures made by magic but now left to their own devices. On Monday, patrons will meet the Crypt-cell:

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