Newsletter – 9 November 2021

We’ve got news for you on Forest Dragon Farmer, Handimonsters, A|State and BEOWULF: Age of Heroes!

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes

BEOWULF has surpassed another milestone in its quest for America! The books have cleared customs and should be ready to ship to the warehouse. We are hoping for another update to come soon, indicating that they’re on the way but we also know that there are challenges in this aspect of shipping too so we don’t want to speak out of turn.

We really appreciate our customers’ understanding and good will and we are preparing a little thank you for your patience. More news very soon.

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes products:

Main Rulebook


Digital Releases

Dice Trays on Sale!

We are having a special sale for our flexible dice trays. Full-colour printed with beautiful art (including a whole series of BEOWULF images and designs) they’re easy to transport and easy to use. As more and more opportunities arise for us to see each other, make sure your dice stay organised: Dice Trays

These are some of our most popular products, with our best selling designs, and they’re only sale right now (sale lasts until Wednesday morning, 0930 GMT)!

A|State Pledge Manager Open!

The A|State Pledge Manager is open and production on add-on items is underway! If you’re interested in joining us in The City, please get in as soon as possible.

Game Development Progress

We have begun the editing process on the completed sections of the manuscript as development is wrapping up. Production is ongoing for the add-ons and it’s all coming together for a timely delivery .

We anticipate PDF release in December, and remain on track for a June 2022 release.


We are getting closer and closer to our anniversary. We have plans for a special product to celebrate and hope to have an official announcement later this week. Meanwhile, here’s a Dungeon Construct, the Knightmare:

Sign up at and get access to dozens of monsters immediately. New monsters every Monday!

Forest Dragon Games

We’ve released a preview version of the Forest Dragon Farmer rules. Check out the website for more information and to download the rulebook!


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