Newsletter – 2 November 2021

We’ve got news for you on BEOWULF, Forest Dragon Farmer, Handimonsters and A|State.

A|State Pledge Manager Open!

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The A|State Pledge Manager is open and production on add-on items is underway!

About the Game

If you’ve been interested in a|state this is your opportunity to join us in The City. Take on roles like the Ghostfighter, the Lostfinder, the Activist, and the Sneakthief to defend your part of the city from selfish authorities, angry gangs and heartless industries, and deal with the spiralling consequences of your own actions as you struggle for a better tomorrow. And there’s lots of amazing things for a|state being worked on right now.

Add-ons: Received Prints and Production Notes

We’ve received the print run for The Three Coins, a roleplaying game that exists in the City. We also have production notes and diagrams from our friends at Campaign Coins, showing us how they’re going to produce the compass and the coins.

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For details on these items, go to the Pledge Manager and scroll down – each add-on has a section all about it!

We remain on track for a June 2022 release.


Our first anniversary is fast approaching! We have a plan for a special product to celebrate and should have an official announcement in about a week. Meanwhile, we ended our Legions of Autumn releases this year with the Soulseeker:

We’re taking the rest of the month to round out some of our monster collections, in anticipation of our exciting news, coming very soon!

When you join you support us and our work, plus you’ll gain access to our entire backcatalogue of 5e monsters and receive a new monster every Monday!

Forest Dragon Farmer

We’ve received some very good news on Forest Dragon Farmer that has unlocked the potential for us to offer a level of production quality that we just didn’t have access to with earlier card game releases. We’ll have a big announcement for you, very soon!


Will you be visiting family and friends over the upcoming holidays? Maybe you’ve got one special relation that you’ve always wanted to introduce to fantasy roleplaying but the logistics of putting together a big game would never work out? BEOWULF: Age of Heroes is designed for one player and one gamemaster. You can download the free introductory scenario The Hermit’s Sanctuary or order it Print On Demand. As long as you’re familiar with 5e, you can run the adventure by itself.

Orkenspalter TV recently featured BEOWULF in a review/skit. We asked a fan who’s a bit more proficient in German to give us the scoop and here’s what we heard back:

The scenario [The Three Ogre Brothers] reminds one of classical faerie tales, and would work well in other settings…

…Now we come to our favorite rule: The Hero always gets a spear – regardless of where one is. Either it’s given to them, there’s one lying around, or it’s improvised…

Beowulf is rich with fascinating, lively (or living), genre-setting mythology; the text is authentic and the pictures create such a fantastic atmosphere, that you just have to try it. We give it an 8.5 out of 10.

What a fun review!

As for our American shipment, the transportation fog remains strong. We know that the shipment arrived in Miami some time ago, and we have a mysterious message regarding paperwork dated in October, but things are still unclear. We know that there’s a tremendous backlog right now, and we’re still hoping for a bright ray of clarity to shine on us any day now. Or we’ll take a surprise truck visit.


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