VTT Tiles and Scenery

Finding unique high-quality visuals for your VTT games can be a pain. We have just the thing: Our digital map tiles combined with our Digital Scenery ranges allow you to make endless battle maps and locations for your players to explore. By using the painted .png scenery as tokens in your preferred VTT app you can customize any location to make it a unique adventure.

Browse the full range here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10726/Handiwork-Games/subcategory/26693_30773/Jon-Hodgson-Maps

Don’t miss the great value digital tiles bundle, and the super convenient Scenery Bundle.

Map Tiles 2 go on sale tomorrow!

All Map Tiles from Jon Hodgson Map Tiles 2 kickstarter have now been dispatched! Which means that the tiles will go on sale tomorrow! If you’re in the US, they’ll be available on drivethrucards.com, and if you’re based anywhere else you can grab them here at our webstore.

Wave One tiles are available now.

About Map Tiles

Supplied in sets of 30 tiles, Jon Hodgson’s double-sided, card-stock map tile sets will fit in a coat pocket and won’t break the bank.

The art is all hand-made using digital painting programs rather than 3d renders, so everything has a nice handmade feel that blends right in with painted miniatures.

They’re six inches square –  It’s a great balance of flexibility, allowing you to build very different encounter maps from a few tiles, with extreme portability. 210 tiles will fit in your bag with ease and allow endless set-ups on the fly.

  • 30 tiles per set
  • Full-colour
  • Double-sided
  • Printed on 270gsm card-stock, like playing cards
  • Highly connectable within each set
  • 6 inches square
  • A one-inch grid is built into the artwork of the Dungeon Tiles
  • Printed in the US and the UK
  • Free digital files of the map set included!

The latest BEOWULF news!

We just made an update at the BEOWULF kickstarter. Late pledges are available now here.

The headline is: progress is great, and everything is on track! September is going to be a busy month here at Handiwork HQ – we’re moving office, and taking delivery of basically everything other than the book itself! Fingers crossed the new office door arrives before all the miniatures/other goodies! Below is the more detailed breakdown – some of this is catching up on things we’ve shared on our discord channel, so my apologies if you’re seeing some of this stuff again.

Alternatively, if you’d like to join up and see this stuff sooner, point your browser at www.discord.me/handiworkgamers

There’s loads more to read under the cut!

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BEOWULF: Pregenerated Characters 2 Updated

We’ve noticed that Ham Anfeald and Bald Haeri were missing VTT tokens in Pregenerated Characters 2 for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes. It has now been updated to include those tokens!

You can grab it here.

About The Hermit’s Sanctuary

The Hermit’s Sanctuary is the ENnie-Award nominated, free, full-length, introductory adventure for the forthcoming BEOWULF: AGE OF HEROES for 5e!

Designed for one player and one GM, BEOWULF provides unique rules and support for single-player games in the Age of Heroes. Take to the Whale Road as a monster-slaying hero! Voyage to the island of the hermit, and investigate the cause of its woes!

Lavishly illustrated in full colour, The Hermit’s Sanctuary includes:

  • a complete, 52-page adventure for one GM and one Player
  • optional poster-sized PDF battle maps for all locations
  • optional VTT-friendly battle maps for Virtual Tabletops
  • 4 pre-generated characters
  • printable accessories: inspiration tokens and inspiration pool
  • blank character sheet
  • rules reminder sheet
  • handy adventure flowcharts

About BEOWULF: Age of Heroes

One of the oldest recorded stories in Western Europe, the poem Beowulf is an epic tale of hero against monster. And then the monster’s mother. And then a dragon.

BEOWULF is a setting and rules set for 5th Edition, designed for duet play – one GM and one player. Set in the world of Anglo-Saxon myth, no deep knowledge of history is required – the themes are eternal and instantly recognisable, adventures occur in the story-world of the Saxons, and we’ve done all the historical reading for you!

BEOWULF presents a host of new and specially adapted rules to create epic and thematic adventures for your lone hero and his or her companions. 

BEOWULF features a unique new set of subclasses: The Hero, with subclasses for each ability score. It has BEOWULF specific backgrounds, and unique rules for sea voyages, inspiration, alignment, followers, a new condition and more!

Explore mythic, migration-era Europe and beyond, solve mysteries, and do battle with dreadful monsters. Fully funded with numerous stretch goals unlocked, and with writing and rules design from hand-picked 5e and folklore geniuses, and with art from Jon Hodgson and friends, BEOWULF will be a thing of epic wonder. 

Our Kickstarter for BEOWULF blew the doors off, and if you missed it, late pledges are available now – click below to find out more!

New at the store – Viking Dice!

Made by the dice experts at Dice Dudes, this gorgeous set of 7 rune-carved polyhedral dice will bring a taste of the doom-laded North to any game. But they’re especially cool for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes!

The set comprises: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1 regular d10, 1 d10 for tens, 1d12, 1d20
Get some now! https://handiwork.games/product/viking-dice

Don’t forget!
Late pledges for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes are open now! https://app.crowdox.com/projects/jonhodgsonmaptiles2/beowulf-age-of-heroes


The Kickstarter for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes is now live!

Featuring a host of exciting new content and rules for mythic 5e games, and focused on duet games for one player and one GM, BEOWULF is supported by a plethora of incredible accessories.

• Art from Jon Hodgson (D&D, The One Ring)

• 5e rules design from a team led by Jacob Rodgers (Adventures in Middle-earth, Forbidden Lands)

• Graphics from Paul Bourne (The One Ring, Adventures in Middle-earth)

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes is something truly special.

Check it out!  www.handiwork.games/beowulfcampaign