BEOWULF Seven Stones

Seven Stones takes us to a desperate settlement, living in terror of a dreadful monster. The village lies on a rocky peninsula blasted by frigid winds, and here, people have lived in fear of the Stoor Wurm for generations…

Written by Elaine Lithgow, and with art from Jon Hodgson, Paul Bourne and Scott Purdy, Seven Stones provides a wealth of NPCs to meet, locations to explore and adversaries to battle. At 33 pages long, illustrated in full colour, it comes with VTT battle maps and tokens so that if you can’t play in person, you can play on the virtual tabletop of choice.

With an open-ended finale, it really is up to the player to solve the mystery of what is going on at The Spearhead and determine how best to resolve it.

Seven Stones releases to the public Tuesday June 1st at DrivethruRPG.