A gorgeous set of three large-sized D20s for BEOWULF Age of Heroes made by Q Workshop.
Each die measures a heroic 31mm across, and is significantly larger than a puny standard 19mm twenty-sided die.

As well as simply being a beautiful set of gorgeous chunky dice, the BEOWULF dice set is intended to work with the alignment die system of BEOWULF Age of Heroes:

  • One die is your Hero’s d20, and is made to be reminiscent of pattern-welded steel, with its marbled iron grey and golden script.
  • The second is styled to look like garnet inlayed with silver, and represents The Old Ways.
  • The third large-size d20 gives the impression of the bones of a saint, and represents the Church.

In BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, each Hero chooses their alignment: The Old Ways, The Church, or Unaligned. When rolling with advantage, players use their Alignment die in addition to their main Hero die. If they choose their alignment die as the result, pass or fail, they gain inspiration.

Each BEOWULF die features the numbers 1 to 20, and sets ordered from us are presented in a linen pouch.

Size Comparison

The simple numbers do not do justice to how mighty BEOWULF dice are. BEOWULF dice rip the arms off other dice and hang them high in the hall of Heorot. Wielding the bag of BEOWULF dice you could easily defeat a dragon. In fact, we’d feel pretty sorry for the dragon. Please don’t hit anyone with the bag of BEOWULF dice.

BEOWULF dice are in stock and available to order now.