Maskwitches Decks arrive!

It’s always exiting getting the physical incarnation of something you felt would work a certain way in reality, and getting to test that out.

The Maskwitches Masks and Amulets deck works really well!

We’ve made 3 characters here to show how the cards work. In Maskwitches your characters are good at two things and bad at two things, and with the deck of 132 cards that comprise all the suggested features from the Maskwitches book, it’s really easy to build a character idea. Which is how I wanted it to work. Shuffling through the deck, it’s easy to find something that sparks an initial idea. And then build out from there.

This character is good with animals – which is potentially a very useful thing to be good at in Maskwitches – being able to ask animals for help is always going to come in handy. They’re also good at spotting lies. I figure this is a sort of “nature boy/girl/NB” character, who easily spots the foibles of human beings. 

They’re bad at solving puzzles and knowing things – they’re not good at more intellectual pursuits as an earthy kind of character.

This character is good at music and thinking quickly. I see them as quite a lively, entertaining character. 

But their lack of ability with finding things or seeing things indicates they’re a bit inward looking or absent-minded and not super practical.

This character is going to be super helpful in a story that involves crafting solutions to obstacles. Forging witchknives is really helpful in the battle against spirits. 

But for what they bring with their craft skills they might prove a hindrance in dealing with the community. And they’re so focused on craft they’re not going to be much help in traversing the kinds of distances Maskwitches often need to travel.

The Maskwitches Mask and Amulet Decks are heading out to backers and pre-order customers right now. You can pre-order yours and get in on that send-out right now: