Friday News Update – October 2nd

Each week, we’re going to take a moment to let you know what’s happening at Handiwork Games.

We’ve got a great deal going on – Jon and the team work very hard behind the scenes to keep on top of everything, and more treasures arrive with every day.

This week, we’re delighted to offer one of the best treasures of all: the Dylexie font on our website (just click the ‘D’ tab in the top right-and corner of the Homepage). The inclusivity of gaming is always in our thoughts, and with one of Jon’s sons diagnosed with dyslexia, we want to be as supportive as we can.

We’ve also got some fantastic news: our Award-nominated, free .pdf download of The Hermit’s Sanctuary has done so well… that we’re offering it as a print book. From DriveThruRPG, this book will be a beautiful, full-colour, lavishly illustrated introductory adventure to our BEOWULF: AGE OF HEROES setting. It’s designed for 5e, for one player and one GM, and it’s the perfect way to escape!

In more BEOWULF news – tokens and compasses have now arrived in the office and they’re looking pretty good, even if we do say so ourselves. More about these particular shinies as they’re unveiled. (Hey, we might even do an unboxing)…

And spice up your tabletop with our special offer mat-and-dice tray bundle! Buy one of our gorgeous 36” square battle mats and get a matching dice tray at a bargain price. Choose from spring, summer, autumn and winter shades, and from mats either gridded or ungridded. Get some colour into those fights!

Last but not least, we’ve got you covered for the very best in tabletop accessories. Yes, Wave 2 of our Map Tiles are now available – perfect for any and all adventures. We have utopian and dystopian SF tiles, tiles for moor and hillfort, and tiles to take you deeper into the forest than you’ve ever been before. We’ve also got linking tiles and tile bundles, just to make sure that your party can get into every <bit> of available trouble.

Every dungeon, every adventure, every table, every player – there’s something for everyone at Handiwork Games.

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