Welcome to the City – FREE Early Access to our a|state Primer!

Very good news for a|state fans, and for everyone attending AlbaCon this weekend (3rdand 4th October)…

We’re giving AlbaCon attendees FREE early access to the .pdf Primer for our a|state setting that uses the Forged in the Dark rules. This is a full-colour, 32-page introduction to The City, featuring some absolutely gorgeous, highly atmospheric artwork, a full description of The City itself, character sheets for a suitable slink of local wheelers, dealers, stealers and NPCs, and a FREE mission scenario, ‘Nicely, done’. 

About Nicely, done

Mire End is a forlorn place: miles of brick and concrete tenements, all slowly disintegrating. Water covers the streets, the drainage systems destroyed long ago. The damp and rotting lower floors of most buildings are left empty.

Reports of child slavery in Mire End have led the group to investigate a woman named Hosanna Nicely…

If you’re attending AlbaCon, your membership will include access to the AlbaCon Discord, where you’ll find the download link for Nicely,Done. 

About a|state

A sepia tone world lit by guttering gas lamps and flickering electrified filaments. Stinking canals radiate out through The City, thick with the detritus of untold millions of lives. Dank alleys wind between corroding concrete tower blocks, wide boulevards swarm with peddlers, traders, thieves, and marks…

First released in the early 2000s, a|state was a cult hit. Now it’s back.

Welcome to the city. You will never forget the city. But the city will forget you.