Friday News Update – May 7th

Updates for BEOWULF – and a|state!

We now have have FOUR full adventures for our BEOWULF setting. These include our ENnies-nominated intro, The Hermit’s Sanctuary, The Three Ogre Brothers, which comes as part of the main BEOWULF rulebook, plus two adventures more recently released – Horror at Herrogate and The Witches and The Wyrm. And, thanks to feedback from our backers, we’re delighted to release some updated content!

Horror at Herrogate Player-Facing Map

The Hermit’s Sanctuary and Horror at Herrogate now have full, player-facing maps, text-free, and featuring Jon’s fabulous artwork – so your trusty Whale Road Heroes can fill them in as they explore. And, for The Witches and the Wyrm, there are now FULL poster-sized battle maps, VTT tokens, a separate Sun Tracker document for printing, plus all the relevant bookmarks and hyperlinks.

Jump on over to DriveThru, for your updated downloads!

And some fantastic news about the a|state second edition!

Morgan tells us that the core campaign setting/rulebook is DONE. Based on the Forged in the Dark rules system, and thanks to feedback from our forty playtest groups, The City coalesces from dream to reality. Look out for the campaign on Kickstarter, and we can work towards unlocking stretch goals for more locations and adventures.

Running the Adventure

Catch Morgan, talking about the project, here.

And grab the a|state primer, Nicely, Done, FREE from DriveThru.

Nicely, Done

Plus: don’t miss this week’s HANDIMONSTER, also FREE, over at our Patreon

The GRUMBLER is a denizen of the deepest dark, the place where dwell the eyeless things, the things that ever hunger. Stumbling upon it limits, the adventurer may accidentally find themselves in another world, a world where evil rules…


There’s a fantastic write-up of our HANDIMONSTERS Patreon over at What Do I Know – thanks Jared!

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The Witches and The Wyrm – updated content now at DriveThru!