Caring in the City with Morgan Davie

The next stage of the a|state second edition is complete!

Our intro-adventure Nicely, Done was played by fully forty playtest groups. Incorporating their feedback, Morgan, Malcolm, Gregor and Paul have created a complete and fully illustrated, 132-page preview edition of the a|state rulebook.

This will go to Kickstarter backers AS SOON AS you back the project – so keep your eyes peeled for more news!


With your help, we can unlock a whole swathe of game and setting expansions, detailing more of The City.

Here, line developer Morgan Davie gives us a sneaky glimpse into some of the new rules. They’re built on Forged in the Dark foundations, so we can best present a|state’s location, feel and gameplay:

“a|state’s The City is a huge and crowded metropolis full of people who have been hurt: by the mighty Trusts and their factories, by the cruel exploitation of criminals and con artists, and by the strange haunted things that lurk in the shadows. If the Troublemakers are going to keep their community together, they will need to Care

Care is one of twelve actions your Troublemaker uses to fight for their corner. Use it to help wounded friends recover from their injuries, to help the wild children of your neighbourhood stay safe and healthy, or to channel the anger of laid-off workers into organising, not violence. 

The struggle will be bloody and traumatic, but Care gives your Troublemakers a way to stay human as they fight.”

Running the Adventure

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