Friday News Update – December 4th

Happy Friday, and our December Daily Deals have begun!

Every day, over on our Social channels, we’re offering a discount on one of our gorgeous gaming products. Today, (December 4th), it’s £2 OFF the price of our TUMBLING BROCH COMPACT DICE TRAY – and we’ll have lots of other offers throughout the month.

Tumbling Broch Snow Compact Dice Tray

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Please note: these offers will continue over the Christmas period, and right up ‘til the end of the month. If you’d like to order something, please make a note of our FINAL POSTING DATES.

In BEOWULF news, our Crowd Ox Late Pledges have finally closed. But fear not, brave warrior! All is not lost – we will be adding everything BEOWULF to our shop, and very soon.

We’re also delighted to add artist Jan Pospisil to our BEOWULF family. Jan has been working on some amazing illustrations for us. How glorious is this Thunor? (It’s his Saxon name, smarty!)

Thunor by Jan Pospisil

And finally… the countdown is ALMOST OVER. The Something Big is ALMOST UPON US.

What could it be? Does it have claws? Teeth? Laval red eyes? Or does it just want tea and crumpets and nice sit down? 

All will be revealed… VERY SOON…

Something Big is Coming!

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