Something Big Has Arrived – Handimonsters Are Here!

A Brand New Patreon for Your 5e Game!

The Knacker

Crafted by an experienced team of 5e game designers, graphic designers, and artists, Handimonsters is a brand new PATREON providing you with a steady stream of completely original, never-before-seen beasties.

Every month, thar be monsters! There will be free monsters, monsters for patrons, and even more monsters for the higher tiers. And not just monsters – they’ll have Virtual Table Top tokens, top-down tokens, paper minis and art cards.

And, even better, every single ghostie, ghoulie and long leggerty beastie will come with a beautiful and original piece of art, plus an inspirational description, just bursting with tabletop ideas.

And you can grab your first monster, FREE!

The Glass Spider

Meant For Play

We love monsters that work. Our Handimonsters aren’t just numbers, lists of stats and hit points (though they have those, too). Every creature comes with its own lore, a real story, and a different and unique feature, tying in with the 5e rules.

Individually designed by the Handiwork team, they all have hooks (occasionally literally), so you can add them to your plot, campaign and game world. They’re made to inspire (and to terrify) GMs and players both.

Handimonsters Logo

So, How Does It Work?

Each month, depending on your tier, you will get up to four brand new monsters, complete with artwork and information. And, since we email the .pdfs direct to you, your players won’t have seen them – no more sneaky flicking through the manual – and you’ll have every opportunity to surprise and terrify.

Your Handimonsters will be ready to fit to every dungeon, castle and outdoor adventure… and your PCs will have no idea what you’ve got in store!

The Bogbug

Suitable to Every Budget

We really want Handimonsters to work for everyone – so, each month, we’ll give one monster away for free.

Go to the PATREON page, or to, and we will take you through the tiers, explain how it works, and how you can subscribe. And you can grab your FREE monster!

Handimonsters, bringing the magic of discovery back to your tabletop.

Handimonsters Montage